GT668PCIe - Continuous Time Interval Analyzer

Main features

  • No. of channels : 2 per board, A & B
  • Time Res. Single Shot – 0.9ps
  • Freq. Res. (Digits/S) – up to 12
  • Max Measurement Rate – 4MSa/S
  • Frequency range: DC – 2.7 GHz
  • Very Low noise floor
  • High Accuracy, flexibility, and measurement speed 4M m/s per channel
  • Two Programmable Outputs
  • UTC Synchronizable with 1 PPS
  • Built-In NIST Traceable Time-Base
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  • With a smaller foot-print and much more powerful performance than its previous generation GT658, GuideTech’s computer-based “CTIA” product line enables a wider range of cutting-edge applications.
  • With easy expansion and modular capabilities, GuideTech offers a wide range of CTIA solutions in PCI, PCIe PXI, PXIe and “ISS” (Integrated System Solution).
  • A true breakthrough in high-speed Time Measurement and test technology, GuideTech’s GT668 leverages the power of its continuous time-stamping technology, eliminating the need for supplemental triggers, pattern markers or clock recovery circuits.
  • GuideTech’s CTIAs enable serial interface pattern verification and full jitter analysis in milliseconds for fast, automated characterization and high-throughput production test on all ATE platforms, including low-cost inhouse testers.
  • Some of the GT668 measurements include Time Interval Error, 1 PPS, Jitter measurements, PLL & Clock Jitter, Spread Spectrum Modulation, PLL Lock Time, Frequency, Period, Pulse Width, Skew, Tpd, Rise/Fall Time, and more.
GT668PCIe Continuous Time Interval Analyzer