HPDA-15RMi-S - Frequency distribution amplifier 10 outputs

Main features

  • 10 outputs
  • 1-50 MHz Autoswitch
  • Remote Control through Ethernet port
  • Switching time: 1us
  • High isolation: 130 dB
  • High output: +17 dBm
  • Low phase noise:
    • -147 dBc/Hz @ 1 Hz
    •  -171 dBc/Hz @ 10 kHz
  • Low distortion:
    • -45 dBc @ 13dBm
  • Low temperature coefficient:
    • 1.5 ps/ºC
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The HPDA-15RMi-S is a high performance frequency distribution amplifier with an auto switch function that allows the selection of the RF input to be distributed.

The selected RF input is buffered to provide ten unity gain outputs. In manual mode, the RF input can be selected with a toggle switch on the front panel, or by sending a command through the Ethernet interface. In autoswitch mode the two RF input levels are monitored and compared to a set threshold of +7 dBm

HPDA-15RMi-S Frequency distribution amplifier 10 outputs