MBAC - 4 Channel Active Antenna Combiner for Broadcast and Navigation Signals

Main features

  • 50 ohms technology
  • Frequency selective inputs
  • Low noise, low distortion
  • Pre-amplifiers for FM, DAB and DVB-T
  • Integrated GNSS phantom supply
  • 19”, 1 U rack mountable design
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MBAC is an active, high dynamic antenna combiner for broadcast and navigation signals. The device features four signal inputs for AM/FM, DAB3, DVB-T and GNSS navigation signals and combines the inputs to one common output. The device is designed using 50 Ohms technology.

MBAC is foreseen in professional applications where high demands to signal quality are required. The device features four RF inputs for the connection of AM/FM, DAB3, DVB-T broadcast antennas and an active GNSS antenna. The inputs are combined internally to an common output. All inputs are equipped with pre-selection filters for suppression of unwanted signals. The inputs for FM, DAB and DVB-T offer low noise amplifiers with high dynamic. The GNSS input provides a 5 V phantom supply voltage for operation with an active GNSS antenna. The AM channel features a surge arrestor for lightning protection.

In combination with the WSDU multicoupler series, scalable systems with higher number of outputs can be realized. The transmission of all broadcast and GNSS signals to the mutlicouplers occurs in frequency multiplex domain. This minimizes costs for RF cables and their installation.

MBAC is designed in 19”, 1 U. It foreseen for mounting in 19” system racks. MBAC is supplied with mains voltage. All RF inputs and the output have N female connectors.

In the research and development and product validation of modern infotainment components “live” broadcast- and navigation signals are required at the antenna inputs. With help of the MBAC live signals with high quality are available. MBAC enables an efficient transmission of all signals via only one RF cable.

MBAC 4 Channel Active Antenna Combiner for Broadcast and Navigation Signals