Meridian 2 - Precision GPS frequency standard

Main features

  • 1 PPS timing output accurate to < 10 nanoseconds RMS to UTC(USNO).
  • Frequency accuracy better than 6×10-14 (at 100,000 seconds).
  • No frequency steps – guaranteed.
  • MTBF up to 30 years.
  • Dual-gigabit, IPv4/IPv6 Ethernet network ports.
  • 1PPS, time code output and RS-232 serial port.
  • High-bandwidth NTP server (7500 packets per second).
  • User-friendly display & keypad with built-in help menus.
  • Security-hardened network interface and protocols (SSH, HTTPS, SNMP V3).
  • Optional PTP/IEEE-1588 Grandmaster.
  • Real-Time Ionospheric Corrections (RTIC) Option for the ultimate in long-term stability.
  • Two-year warranty, free software upgrades and free technical support for life.
  • Modular, plug-and-play architecture supports up to 23 outputs in a 1U chassis or 36 outputs in a 2U.
  • Options: OCXO, Rubidium, Low Phase Noise Outputs, Telecom Outputs, Pulse Rates to 10 MPPS, additional Time Code Outputs, Alarm, -48 VDC Power, and more.
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The Meridian Precision GPS TimeBase is a full-featured frequency standard that provides the most precise and stable, GPS-synchronized, time & frequency outputs in the world.  The Meridian uses software algorithms that are the result of over 20 years of engineering experience in the frequency control industry.  These algorithms steer the outputs and isolate them from system anomalies, providing you with unmatched precision and accuracy.  The modular, solid state design yields a conservative MTBF of 25 years and accepts a wide range of field-installable options.

Low Phase Noise Output Option
This option provides up to 20 isolated, 5 or 10 MHz, frequency output signals with exceptional spectral purity.  Careful attention to power supply filtering and signal routing preserve the same high-performance phase noise and spurious noise characteristics as the source oscillator.

Programmable Digital Output Option
This option adds four independently programmable outputs to your Meridian Frequency Standard.  These buffered outputs can provide user-selectable, on-time pulse rates from 1 PPS to 10 MPPS, or a digital timecode output.  An upgrade provides access to the Meridian DDS with rates from 1 PPS to 10 MPPS in 1 PPS steps, including 1.544 MPPS and 2.048 MPPS.  The synthesized rates are phase locked to the system oscillator.

Analog Timecode Amplifier Option
This module provides four time code outputs.  The user-selectable format can be one of either IRIG-B122, IRIG-B123, IRIG-B IEEE-1344 compliant, NASA-36, or 2137.

3043-0001-000 Precision GPS frequency standard

  • OscOptions
  • LpnOption
  • TelecomOption
  • GPS-Ionospheric-Corrections
  • 5071A-Cesium-Control
  • PTP-IEEE-1588-MTII