PC104P-16AO4MFS - 16-bit Analog Multi frequency Analog Output PC104+ Board

Main features

  • Four Precision 3-Wire Balanced Differential High-Speed Analog Output Channels
  • 16-Bit Resolution; D/A Converter per Channel
  • Data Rates to 400 K-Samples per Second per Channel; 1600 KSPS Aggregate Rate
  • Output Ranges of ±12V, ±10V or ±5V
  • Four Independent 32 K-Sample Analog Output FIFO Buffers
  • Output Data Buffer Size Adjustable from Four Samples to up to 32 K-Samples
  • High Stability Timebase; 20PPM
  • Continuous and Burst Clocking Modes
  • Seamless Waveform Sequencing
  • Data Rates Controlled by Independent Internal Clocks, or by an External Clock
  • Supports Multiboard Synchronization
  • Software-Selectable TTL or Differential External Clock I/O
  • Internal Autocalibration of All Channels
  • High Accuracy; 0.023% FSR max error on ±10V Range, INL = 0.007%
  • Fast Settling; 5 us to 0.1%; 8 us to 0.01%;with No-filter Option
  • Bidirectional Byte-Wide Digital Port
  • Exist in PCIe, PCI, PMC, PC104, cPCI/PXI
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The PC104P-16AO4MFS D/A board provides 400KHz-per-channel precision high speed 16-bit analog outputs, and supports arbitrary waveform generation. Four analog output channels are updated independently from an internal buffer, either at software-determined rates, or by an externally supplied clock. Flexible operating modes include continuous, periodic and triggered burst functions, as well as the seamless, dynamic concatenation of waveforms in real-time. Output ranges are supplied as ±10V, ±5V or ±2.5V.

Internal auto calibration networks permit periodic calibration to be performed without removing the board or host from the system. This feature produces the optimum calibration situation, in which the board is calibrated in its actual operating environment.

PC104P-16AO4MFS 16-bit Analog Multi frequency Analog Output PC104+ Board