PC104P66-16AO16 - 16-Channel 16-Bit Diff Analog Output PC104+ Board

Main features

  • 16 Precision 3-Wire Balanced Differential High-Speed Analog Output Channels
  • 16-Bit Resolution; D/A Converter per Channel
  • PC104+ Bus Support
  • Data Rates to 440K Samples per Second per Channel; 7.04 MSPS Aggregate Rate
  • Software-Selectable Output Ranges of ±10V, ±5V, ±2.5V or ±1.25V
  • Optional 2-Wire Single-Ended Analog Outputs
  • 256K-Sample Output Data FIFO Buffer; Configurable as Open or Circular
  • Simultaneous or Sequential Output Clocking
  • Multiboard Synchronization Supported
  • Continuous and Burst (One-Shot) Output Modes Support Seamless Waveform Sequencing
  • Data Rate Controlled Internally or Externally, Real-Time Rate Adjustment Supported
  • Software-Selectable Differential Clock I/O for Synchronizing Sigma-Delta A/D Boards
  • High Accuracy Ensured by On-Demand Autocalibration of all Channels
  • Remote Ground Sensing.
  • Exist in PCIe, PCI, PMC, PC104, cPCI/PXI
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The PC104P66-16AO16 board contains sixteen 16-bit D/A converters (DAC’s), and all supporting functions necessary for adding precision high-speed differential or single-ended analog output capability to a PC104+ application. Output ranges are software-selectable as ±10 Volts, ±5 Volts or ±2.5 Volts.

Unique FIFO buffer controls support the seamless sequencing of successive waveforms through a single buffer port. In less demanding applications, the outputs can be updated individually. Hardware clock I/O permits synchronization with a variety of products, including Sigma-Delta ADC boards.

PC104P66-16AO1616-Channel 16-Bit Diff Analog Output PC104+ Board