PC104P-24DSI6LN - Six-Channel Low-Noise 24-Bit Delta-Sigma PC104+ Board

Main features

  • 6 Differential 24-Bit Analog Input Channels
  • Delta-Sigma Converter per Channel, with Linear Phase Digital Antialias Filtering
  • Sample rates from 2 KSPS to 200 KSPS per Channel
  • Software-Compatible, and I/O Connector-Compatible with PC104P-24DSI12
  • 256 K-sample FIFO Buffer
  • Synchronous or Independent ADC Clocking
  • Internal Sample Rate Generators
  • Hardware Sync and Clock I/O for Multiboard Synchronization
  • Supports GPS Synchronization to a 1PPS Input
  • Low Phase Skew; Typically Less than 55ns with Fsig < 0.35*Fsamp
  • DMA Engine Supports both Block-Mode and Demand-Mode Transfers
  • 110dB Dynamic Range to 100KSPS; 98 dB SINAD
  • Integrated DC/DC Conversion and Regulation of Precision Internal Supply Voltages
  • Exist in PCIe, PCI, cPCI/PXI, PC104 and PMC
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Each of six analog input channels contains a lowpass image filter and a delta-sigma A/D converter that provides digital antialias filtering. A linear-phase digital antialiasing filter rejects out-of-band signals, and a lowpass analog filter reject those interference signals that fall within the harmonic images of the digital filter. Input response can be selected as DC coupled for response down to DC, or as AC-coupled for maximum dynamic range.

An internal sample-rate generator is adjustable over a 2:1 frequency range, and is divided down within the local controller to provide individual channel sample rates from 2KSPS to 200KSPS. Conversion data from all active channels is transferred to the PCI bus through a 256K-sample data buffer that is supported by two DMA channels. Multiple channels can be synchronized to perform sampling in “lockstep”, either by a software command, or by external hardware sync and clock input signals.

PC104P-24DSI6LN Six-Channel Low-Noise 24-Bit Delta-Sigma PC104+ Board