PCIe-14HS4AI - 14-Bit, 4-Channel, 50MSPS/Channel PCIe

Main features

  • Four-Channel, 14-Bit Wideband Analog Input Board
  • Sampling Rates to 50 MSPS per Channel;
  • Four Wideband Analog Inputs with a Dedicated 14-Bit ADC per Channel
  • Sustained Aggregate Rates to 100 MSPS
  • Software-Selectable Input Ranges: ±2.5V, ±1.25V, ±0.625V. Optional Input Ranges: ±10V, ±5V, ±2.5V, or Transformer-Coupled 2Vp-p, 1Vp-p
  • 1-MByte FIFO Data Buffer
  • Software-Configurable Data Path Supports Data Packing Coaxial or Ribbon Cable Inputs
  • Simultaneous Sampling of All Channels
  • Sample Clocking Supplied by Internal Rate Generator or External Source
  • Hardware Sync I/O for Multiboard Synchronization
  • On-Demand Internal Autocalibration: High DC Accuracy as well as AC performance
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The 14-Bit PCIe-14HSAI4 analog input board samples and digitizes as many as four analog input channels simultaneously at sustainable aggregate rates up to 100 million conversions per second. Each input channel implements a dedicated 14-Bit ADC for data conversion, and the resulting 14-bit sampled data is available to the PCI Express bus through a 1-MByte FIFO buffer. The sample clock can be generated from an internal rate generator or by external hardware, and multiple boards can be operated synchronously. Pretrigger and Sync-on-Level oscilloscope burst-triggering functions are supported. All operational parameters are software configurable.

Input ranges are software-selectable as ±2.5V, ±1.25V or ±0.625V for the standard Wideband input configuration. Input range options also include a High-Level configuration with selectable ranges of ±10V, ±5V or ±2.5V, and a Transformer-Coupled configuration with 2Vp-p and 1Vp-p ranges. Wideband and Hi-Level inputs are DC-coupled; Transformer-Coupled inputs are AC-coupled. The analog inputs can be jumper-configured as either differential or single-ended.

For the Wideband and High-Level input configurations, on-demand autocalibration determines offset and gain correction values for each input channel, and applies the corrections subsequently during acquisition. A selftest switching network routes calibration reference signals to each channel through internal selftest switches, and permits board integrity to be verified by the host.

PCIe-14HS4AI 14-Bit, 4-Channel, 50MSPS/Channel PCIe