PCIe-SIO4BX2 - High-performance Multi-Protocol Serial I/O PCIe Board

Main features

  • Four Independent Multi-Protocol Serial Channels
  • Serial Mode Protocols include Asynchronous, Monosync, Bisync, SDLC, HDLC, Nine-Bit, and IEEE 802.3
  • Synchronous Serial Data Rates up to 10Mbps
  • Asynchronous Serial Data Rates up to 1Mbps
  • Independent Transmit and Receive FIFOs for each channel -Up to 32Kbyte each
  • Multi protocol Transceivers support RS422/RS485, RS232
  • Parity and CRC detection capability
  • Programmable Oscillators provide flexibility for Baud Rate Clock generation
  • SCSI type 68 pin front edge I/O Connector
  • Eight signals per channel, configurable as DTE or DCE:
    3 Serial Clocks (TxC, RxC, AuxC) , 2 Serial Data signals (TxD, RxD), CTS, RTS, DCD
  • Unused signals may be reconfigured as General Purpose IO
  • Fast RS422/RS485 Differential Cable Transceivers Provide Data Rates up to 10Mbps
  • RS232 Cable Transceivers Provide Data Rates up to 230kbps
  • Industry Standard Zilog Z16C30 Multi-Protocol Universal Serial Controllers (USC®)
  • Standard Cable to four DB25 connectors and Custom Cables available
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The PCIe-SIO4BX2 is a four channel serial interface card which provides high speed, full-duplex, multi-protocol serial capability for PCIe applications. The PCIe-SIO4BX2 combines multi-protocol Dual Universal Serial Controllers, deep external FIFOs, and software selectable multi-protocol transceivers to provide four fully independent synchronous/asynchronous serial channels.

These features, along with a high performance one lane PCIe interface engine, give the PCIe-SIO4BX2 unsurpassed performance in a serial interface card.

PCIE-SIO4BX2High-performance Multi-Protocol Serial I/O PCIe Board