PEA 3100 - PCI Express PC Host Adapter

Main features

  • PCI Express Clock Re-Driving
  • PCIe x4 External Cabling Rev2.0 Standard Connector
  • PCI Express x4 GEN1 & GEN2
  • Multi Rate operation
    • 2.5[Gbps] GEN1
    • 5.0[Gbps] GEN2
  • Low power implementation <1[W]
  • Sidebands signals Opto coupler isolation
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The PEA 3100 provides PCI Express External Cabling operation over 7 (maximal) meters cable. The active circuitry optimize the signal quality at the physical end of the cable.

The PEA 3100 supports PCI Express GEN1 and GEN2 and has provision for up-coming GEN3. A local non volatile CPLD manages the I2C configuration sequence for the PCIe Re- Driver from the DIP switches selection.The DIP switches select the mode of operation, according to the PCI Express cable length and the GEN1/GEN2 mode.

PEA 3100PCI Express PC Host Adapter