PMC-ADADIO - 12-Channel 16-Bit Analog I/O PMC Board

Main features

  • 8 Analog Input Channels, 4 Analog Output Channels
  • 16-Bit Resolution; Analog Inputs and Outputs
  • 8-Bit Bi-directional Digital Port with Two Control Lines
  • Auto calibration of all Analog Channels; Internally Controlled
  • Simultaneous Analog Input Sampling; 16-Bit A/D Converter per Channel
  • Analog Input Sample Rates adjustable up to 200,000 Samples per Second per Channel
  • 32K-Sample Analog Input FIFO Buffer
  • Continuous and Triggered-Burst Input Modes. Supports Multiboard Synchronization
  • 16-Bit D/A Converter per Analog Output Channel
  • Analog Outputs Disconnect from System Under Software Control
  • Simultaneous Updating of Outputs with Hardware or Software Strobe
  • Analog Output Aggregate Data Rates to 250K Samples per Second, host dependent
  • Exist in PCIe, PCI, cPCI/PXI, PC104 and PMC
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The 12-channel PMC-ADADIO analog I/O board provides high-resolution 16-bit analog input, analog output and digital I/ O. Eight analog input channels are sampled simultaneously. The inputs can be sampled continuously or can be burst-sampled (up to 200,000 samples per channel for an aggregate rate of 1,600,000 samples per second).

The inputs are converted and stored in a 32,000-sample FIFO buffer. The four analog output channels are accessed through independent registers, and can be updated either synchronously or asynchronously. Inputs and outputs have a factory-configured range of ±10V, ±5V or ±2.5V. A digital port provides eight bi-directional data lines and two control lines.

PMC-ADADIO 12-Channel 16-Bit Analog I/O PMC Board