VX6625 - Quad System Power Supply

Main features

  • CompactPCI quad system power supply 10V, 250mA (400mA Option A) each
  • Read back function of all voltages and currents
  • Especially designed for testing battery powered modules
  • Very fast rise and fall times
  • Dual mode, provides two power ranges
  • Sense inputs for superior load regulations
  • Auto sensing to protect UUTs reliable
  • Digital calibration via system interface, no analog adjustments
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The VX6625 is a 4 output programmable power supply with an integrated CompactPCI interface.
The VX6625, 3U double slot CompactPCI module, is designed for testing battery powered devices.

The maximum programmable output voltage is 10V. Programmable output current limits are 250mA for each power supply output. The VX6625 has an integrated read-back function for output voltage and current. The current measurements capability (µA-Range) allows testing of low power devices (e.g. battery powered). The outputs are connected to the same common ground which is floating against PE.

An auto sensing feature is integrated as a build-in security to protect Units Under Test (UUT).

VX6625Quad System Power Supply

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