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Data Acquisition Solutions

PCI-DIO24, Flexible Digital Input/Output
PCI-DIO24, Flexible Digital Input/Output
GFT1504 Digital delay generator
GFT1504 Digital delay generator
TDC3303 Time Code Distribution Chassis
TDC3303 Time Code Distribution Chassis
403LA, RF Power Amplifier
403LA, RF Power Amplifier

: APPLICOS - Analog & Mixed Signal Products
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APPLICOS is a Dutch-based company that started in 1993 with an instrument for test & analysis of data converters. This is still an important product for us but in the mean time we have developed many other Analog and Mixed-signal products, leveraging our experience and best-in-class designs into other markets.

Almost all of the Applicos employees are electronic engineers working as Mixed-signal designer for many years. This ensures we can handle challenging design tasks quickly and efficiently. For volume manufacturing we work with external partners so we can stay focused on design and support of our products.

Applicos is providing PXI modules that intend to close a gap in the portfolio of the big players such as National Instruments, Agilent, ADlink and others. We focus on special functions and above average performance. Also in PXI the Applicos culture yields excellence on noise, accuracy and other analog properties.

For more information about APPLICOS - Analog & Mixed Signal Products, contact Acquitek team!

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APPLICOS - Analog & Mixed Signal Products
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