PCI66-16AISS8AO4 - 12-Channel, 16-Bit PCI Analog I/O PCI Board

Main features

  • Analog Inputs: 8 Differential Analog Inputs with Dedicated 16-Bit ADC per Channel
  • True Simultaneous Sampling of all Inputs to 2.0 MSPS per channel
  • Analog Outputs: 4 Single-Ended Analog Outputs with Dedicated 16-Bit DAC per Channel
  • Simultaneous Output Clocking Rates to 1.0 MSPS per Channel
  • Common Analog I/O Features: Selectable Input/Output Ranges: ±10V, ±5V, ±2.5V
  • Independent 256-Ksample Input and Output FIFO Data Buffers
  • Hardware Clock and Sync I/O for Multiboard Operation
  • Internal Power Conversion; Single 5-Volt Power Requirement
  • DMA Engine Minimizes Bus Congestion
  • Timing Controlled by Internal Rate Generator, by Software Clocking, or Externally
  • Internal Autocalibration
  • 16-Bit Bidirectional TTL Digital I/O Port
  • 66 MHz 32-Bit PCI Support, with Universal Signaling
  • Exist in PCIe, PCI, cPCI/PXI, PC104 and PMC
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The 16-Bit PCI66-16AISS8AO4 analog I/O module samples and digitizes eight input channels simultaneously at rates up to 2.0 million samples per second for each channel. The resulting 16-bit sampled data is available to the PCI bus through a 256K-Sample FIFO buffer. Sampling can be controlled in groups of 1 through 8 channels, and the sample clock can be generated either from an internal rate generator, or through software, or by external hardware. Both burst and continuous sampling modes are supported. Input ranges are software-selectable as ±10V, ±5V, or ±2.5V. The inputs can be divided into two channel groups, with independent range assignments for both groups.

Four analog output channels provide software-selected output ranges of ±2.5V, ±5V or ±10V, and are accessed either directly through dedicated control registers, or output data can be routed through a 256K-Sample FIFO buffer for waveform generation. A 16-Bit bidirectional digital port can be configured as two independent byte-wide ports.

On-demand autocalibration determines and applies offset and gain correction values for all input and output channels. A selftest input switching network routes output channels or calibration reference signals to the analog inputs, and permits board integrity to be verified by the host.

PCI66-16AISS8AO4 12-Channel, 16-Bit PCI Analog I/O PCI Board