325LA - RF power Amplifier 25 watts

Main features

  • 250 KHz to 150 MHz
  • Rugged Compact Design
  • Instantaneous Bandwidth
  • Class A linearity
  • Forced Air Cooling
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The 325LA Amplifier is a rugged source of RF power for HF and VHF transmitters, RFI / EMI testing, plasma equipment and general laboratory applications. Utilizing solid state ruggedized MosFet devices it features an internal RMS power meter and concurrently displays both forward and reverse power.

The 325LA RF Power Amplifier produces 25 Watts of Class A linear power over the frequency range of 250 KHz to 150 MHz with low harmonic distortion. Operation over the entire frequency band is possible without the need for any switching, it is true instantaneous bandwidth. The unit is rated at 50 dB gain with a typical gain flatness of +/- 1.5 dB

The 325LA RF Power Amplifier is a rugged amplifier built to withstand an input of +13 dBm (1.0V RMS) for all output load conditions including shorts and open circuits. The unit amplifies inputs of AM, FM SSB, TV and all complex modulation forms with <-23 dBc harmonic distortion and low spurious content.

325LARF power Amplifier 25 watts

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