AO420FMC - 4 simultaneous outputs 1MS/s 16-Bit

Main features

  • Standard configuration: 4 channels, 16 bit resolution, 1MSPS/channel
  • Complies with VITA57 FMC standard, LPC version.
  • +/-10V per channel 20mA drive.
  • Standard reconstruction filter at 50kHz. Also available in a Low-Latency Control configuration at 250kHz.
  • DC and AWG modes.
  • 18- and 20- bit variants available as special build
  • Compliant with D-TACQ ELF sites.
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AO420FMC is a 4 channels simultaneous 1MS/s output on SMA or LEMO connector.

AO420FMC-4-16 - 4 Channels output 1MS/s 16-Bit

16-Bit Version

AO420FMC-4-18 - 4 Channels output 1MS/s 18-Bit

18-Bit Version

AO420FMC-4-20 - 4 Channels output 1MS/s 20-Bit

20-Bit Version

AO420FMC4 simultaneous outputs 1MS/s 16-Bit
AO420FMC-4-164 Channels output 1MS/s 16-Bit
AO420FMC-4-184 Channels output 1MS/s 18-Bit
AO420FMC-4-204 Channels output 1MS/s 20-Bit