DAC_3113 - FMC Dual 16-bit DAC and Dual 16-bit ADC

Main features

  • Single width FMC VITA 57.1-2008
    • HPC 400 pins connector
    • Six (6) SSMC front panel connectors
    • One (1) eSATA II right angle connector
    • 9[W] typical power consumption
  • Dual channel 16-bit/250 (500) Msps DAC
    • Analog Devices AD9783 16-bit / 500Msps
    • 2x 50 Ω DC coupled Differential outputs (eSATA)
    • Source current 10 to 30[mA] full range
    • 20 MHz 6th order Bessel output filter
    • Common mode adjust
  • Dual channel 16-bit/250 Msps ADC
    • TI ADS54LB69
    • Differential 50 Ω Inputs with software selectable differential /single-ended modes
    • DC coupling with preamplifier LTC6409
  • High-end programmable clock tree distribution
    • TI LMK04803 (dual PLL)
    • Low jitter clock distribution <100[fs]
    • On-board ultra-low noise oscillator (VCXO/XCO)
    • External SSMC clock reference
  • XILINX Virtex 6/7 FPGA VHDL Design Kit
  • LINUX Software Library
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The DAC_3113 is the third member of FMC VITA 57.1 data acquisition product line integrated by  the ADC_3110 (16-bit 250Msps ADC with AC coupling), and the ADC_3111 (16-bit 250Msps ADC with DC coupling).

The dual 16-bit 250Msps ADC channels are implemented with a DC coupled front-end preamplifier, through four (4) SSMC connectors. The analog ADC inputs can be configured to operate in single-ended or differential mode.

The dual 16-bit 250/500Msps DAC channels are implemented in differential mode with outputs  routed to a eSATA II differential connector. The DAC AD9783 output stage is powered with ultra low-noise power supplies built with a 2 level cascaded LDO.
A 6th order Bessel passive filter is implemented in both DAC output paths.

The on-board clock tree is implemented with a high-precision low-jitter low-phase noise clock fully programmable controller LMK04906. Input clock reference can be selected either from the on-board XCO or from the front panel SSMC CLKREF

DAC_3113-A0 - Dual 16-bit DAC + Dual 16-bit ADC


FDK_3113 - FPGA VHDL Reference Design Kit


DAC_3113 FMC Dual 16-bit DAC and Dual 16-bit ADC
DAC_3113-A0 Dual 16-bit DAC + Dual 16-bit ADC
FDK_3113 FPGA VHDL Reference Design Kit