M-1020 - RF Module power amplifier 10KHz - 5MHz, 200 watts

Main features

  • Power (P1dB) 200 W
  • Frequency range  0.01 to 5 MHz
  • Power supply 42 VDC
  • Gain 15 dB
  • Harmonic -15 dBc
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The M-1020-T module is a rugged source of RF power for ultrasonics, induction heating and laser modulation as well as plasma applications. It is a totally solid state solution employing RF DMoS FETs in the power amplification stages.
The M-1020-T reflects E&I’s commitment to reliable and robust RF power.

The M-1020-T produces over 200 Watts of quasi linear class AB power over a frequency range of 10 KHz to 5 MHz, with a nominal power gain of 53dB (+/-1.5dB). Operation over the entire frequency range is possible without the need for  any switching.

M1020-TRF Module power amplifier 10KHz - 5MHz, 200 watts