NetPAC Lite - High Storage Compact Portable Server  

Main features

  • Display                     15.6″ Full HD 1920 x 1080
  • CPU                          Latest Intel® Xeon, Intel® Core, or AMD Ryzen™ 7
  • Memory                   Up to 768 GB DDR4 RAM
  • Graphics Card        Integrated HD graphic controller or application-specific graphic controller
  • Expansion Slots     Up to 4
  • Storage                    Up to 40TB (Removable Option Available)
  • Power Supply         400W 100/240VAC, 50/60Hz
  • Dimension              Height: 10.00″, Width: 15.00″, Depth: 7.00″
  • Weight                    ~16.5 lbs


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15.6″ miniature portable workstation with 8 removable drives for up to 40 TB of storage Massive storage.

Miniature Size
As the name implies, the NetPAC Lite is very compact. In some fields, a large LCD and high resolution may be unnecessary. In this instance, the NetPAC Lite becomes a very viable option as it is lightweight (approximately only 16.5 pounds) and compact.

High Storage
The NetPAC Lite supports up to 40TB of storage. Despite its small size, it is still able to hold massive amount of storage with 8 2.5″ hot swappable drive bays. Its 3 expansion slots also allow this portable computer to be configured for specific applications, particularly in the network analysis field.

NetPAC Lite High Storage Compact Portable Server