P200 - High voltage amplifier 100Vpp, 1Amps

Main features

  • Bandwidth from DC to 50 KHz fill scale, 200 KHz small signal
  • Amplification X10 times, fixed
  • Load type Resistive || capacitive
  • Input Impedance of 1 Mohm || 10 pF
  • Output Impedance  1 ohm in the linear mode
  • Input Voltage of ±10 V Nominal
  • Output Voltage of  ±100V Max
  • Output Current  of 1A continuous
  • Output Slew Rate  of 30 V/µs
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The P200 is a general purpose linear amplifier having a fixed amplification of 10 times and capable of bipolar high voltage output of ±100V.
Any function generator or arbitrary waveform generator or any other signal source with amplitude up to ±10 V can be used as an input device.

P200High voltage amplifier 100Vpp, 1Amps