SCM9B-32/42 - Computer-to-Analog Output Current Modules

Main features

  • Analog Output Ranges: 0 to 20mA, 4 to 20mA
  • Communicates in ASCII with RS-232 or RS-485 Serial Ports
  • Programmable High/Low Output Limits
  • 500Vrms Output Isolation
  • 12-bit Output Resolution
  • Scaling in Engineering Units
  • Data Rates: 300 to 38,400bps
  • Nonvolatile Digital Calibration
  • Output Protection: 240VAC (Current Output) ±30V (Voltage Outputs)
  • Direct Connection to ‘Dumb’ Terminals or Modems
  • Requires +10 to +30VDC Unregulated Supply
  • May be Located up to 10,000 Feet from Host (RS-485)
  • Addressable: up to 124 Units per Serial Port
  • “Bumpless” Manual Control Inputs
  • CE Compliant
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The SCM9B-3000/4000 series are complete computer-to-analog output interfaces. They are designed to be mounted remotely from a host computer and communicate, in ASCII, with standard RS-232 and RS-485 serial ports. Simple ASCII commands are used to control a 12-bit DAC (Digital-to-Analog Converter) which is scaled to provide commonly used current ranges. An 8-bit CMOS microprocessor provides an intelligent interface between the host and the DAC. The 3000/4000 are compatible with the 1000/2000 input modules and may be mixed in any order.

The modules are easy to use. You do not need engineering experience in complicated data acquisition hardware. This modular approach to data acquisition is extremely flexible, easy to use and cost effective. The modules can be mixed and matched to fit the application. They can be placed remote from the host and from each other. You can string up to 124 modules on one set of wires.

Although software is not required, utility software (SCM9B-S1000) is available on IBM-compatible diskette to make the 3000/4000 easier to learn and use. S1000 software is provided at no charge on request with a purchase order and is not copy protected.

SCM9B-3251/4251 - Input RS232C Output Range 0 to 20mA


SCM9B-3252/4252 - Input RS485 Output Range 0 to 20mA


SCM9B-3261/4261 - Input RS232C Output Range 4 to 20mA


SCM9B-3262/4262 - Input RS485 Output Range 4 to 20mA


SCM9B-32/42Computer-to-Analog Output Current Modules
SCM9B-3251/4251Input RS232C Output Range 0 to 20mA
SCM9B-3252/4252Input RS485 Output Range 0 to 20mA
SCM9B-3261/4261Input RS232C Output Range 4 to 20mA
SCM9B-3262/4262Input RS485 Output Range 4 to 20mA