Squirrel sq Loggers

Ultimate data logging experience, instant connectivity

The Squirrel sq range of data loggers and software, offers you the ultimate experience in data logging through powerful performance, connectivity and innovative software. These next generation loggers boast multiple features to meet your business and applications needs.

Choose your parameters, set your goals

The universal channel inputs measure current, voltage, resistance, and a host of parameters that includes; temperature, humidity, pressure, flow, wind speed, and concentration. Digital channels automatically trigger or stop logging. This means you can set the logger to automatically start or stop logging if an event occurs.

Control via your app, get the data you need instantly

Communication through a dedicated mobile app comes as standard via wireless Bluetooth as well as the ability to network data loggers through the all-new communications hub, giving a host of remote operating options together with powerful data capture. Get the right data, alerts and alarms when and where you want them.

Easy to use, simple to set up

Easy to use and easily programmed, using the new SquirrelView software. The all-new Squirrel data loggers give you everything from standalone portable data logging to a fixed on-line monitoring system that measures many parameters, always giving you instant data access.

Extend your channels, stack to save space

Each logger has 8 differential channels and is easy to extend using the new SquirrelView software and sqhub. Multiple loggers may be linked, enabling up to 128 channels of data to be measured and monitored at any one time. Designed for stacking, saving you space and giving you the option to use multi channel logging.

Small in size, big in capability

Tough, technology lead loggers, designed to give fast and accurate data, store it safely and retrieve easily for precise reporting when you need it.