1250X - High speed data acquisition boards, 12-Bit, 500MS/s, PCI

Main features

  • 1 or 2 digitizing channels
  • 500 MS/s maximum sampling per channel
  • 12 bits vertical resolution
  • 350 MHz bandwidth
  • Full-size, single-slot PCI card
  • 128 MS to 2 GS on-board acquisition memory
  • Frequency Response Flat with ±0.5 dB in fi rst Nyquist zone
  • ENOB (SINAD) = 10.1 at 10 MHz, ENOB (SINAD) = 9.5 at 200 MHz
  • Full-featured front-end, with software control over input ranges, coupling and filters
  • Synchronize up to 8 cards in a Master/Slave modeEase of integration with External or Reference Clock In and Clock Out, External Trigger In and Trigger OutProgramming-free operation with GageScope® oscilloscope
  • SoftwareSoftware Development Kits available for LabVIEW, MATLAB, C/C#
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The high speed data acquisition boards CompuScope 12501 and 12502 provide in 12-bit the highest available Effective Number of Bits (ENOB (SINAD)) performance at high signal frequency that is available on the market.The CompuScope 1250X PCI bus digitizer features 12-bit vertical resolution, 500 MS/s sampling, and high 350MHz bandwidth.
The fast sampling rate enables the capture of high-speed signals with ultra-high timing precision. The high resolution allows the capture of signals with very high dynamic range. Now available with up to 2 GS of on-board memory.

Our eXpert™ advanced on-board FPGA technology, such as Signal Averaging, is also available. Try our GageScope® Windows-based oscilloscope software for programming-free operation or one of our Software Development Kits for C/C#, LabVIEW or MATLAB for custom development.

120-501-001 - 12-bit, 1 Channel, 500MS/s, PCI

high speed data acquisition board

120-502-001 - 12-bit, 2 Channels, 500MS/s, PCI

high speed data acquisition boards

CS1250xHigh speed data acquisition boards, 12-Bit, 500MS/s, PCI
120-501-00112-bit, 1 Channel, 500MS/s, PCI
120-502-00112-bit, 2 Channels, 500MS/s, PCI