ACQ1000 - Lunchbox computer

Main features

  • Platform 5 or 7 PCI and PCI Express slots
  • Solid construction, industrial grade
  • Lightweight aluminum chassis
  • I7 Processor
  • 1TB hard drive
  • Card Stabilizer
  • 17 “high brightness LCD screen
  • Keyboard mechanical key switch, large size
  • Integrated Mouse
  • AGP video
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The ACQ1000 lunchbox computer combines high performance, a large capacity to add cards, and a large screen in a system that is compact and extremely robust. It offers an interesting solution to applications requiring processing power in laptops.

The ACQ1000 laptop has the ability to accommodate up to seven cards that offer unparalleled expansion capabilities by any other portable system. The ACQ1000 laptop is based on an all-aluminum chassis.

It is the ideal solution for portable applications such as field data acquisition and transient analyzers.

ACQ1000 Lunchbox computer