ACQ2000 - Rack mount computer 4U

Main features

  • 7-slot PCI and PCI Express slot
  • Solid construction, industrial grade
  • Power supply ATX 500 Watts
  • I7 or i5 processor
  • 1TB hard drive
  • RAM DDR4 8Gb
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The ACQ2000 industrial PC combines high performance, high capacity for adding cards and is extremely robust. It offers an attractive cost-effective solution for applications requiring processing power in rack-mountable industrial PCs. The ACQ2000 industrial PC has the capacity to adapt to 7 expansion cards, respectively.

The ACQ2000 Industrial PC is the ideal solution for applications such as high-channel data loggers, high speed digitizers integration, process automation, and automatic test (ATE) and much more.

ACQ2000Rack mount computer 4U