AcquiSTREAM-4-HS - 16 Bit Data Recorder

Main features

  • Data Recorder
    Up to 20 MHz Bandwidth
    up to 40 MS/s per channel, 4 channels total
    256M samples on-board and much more using the PC RAM
    Streaming mode to RAM & disk
  • Open PC platform
    PC base with Windows XP, 2G RAM
    2 Tbytes SATA II Hard drive for data storage
    DVD Drive
    Small Footprint/Lightweight
  • Software
    AcquiFlex software
    Time & Frequency domain display
    Zoom on time display
    Streaming to PC RAM
    Waveform Autosave
    Save & Restore Setup
    Decimation mode
    Averaging & FIR
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AcquiSTREAM-4-HS, 10MS/s, 20MS/s, 40MS/s 16-bit data Recorder, 4Ch

Logiciel Acquiflex

AcquiSTREAM-4-HS 16 Bit Data Recorder