SG24000H - Wideband low noise signal generator

Main features

  • RF Output covering 0.1 – 24GHz (2 SMA connectors)
  • Power Control to 6.8Ghz: 60dB in 0.25dB steps + 15dB vernier range
  • Power Control to 13.6GHz: 30dB in 0.5dB steps + 20dB vernier range
  • Power Control to 24GHz: 25dB in 0.5dB steps
  • Calibrated power output default set to +10dBm
  • Low phase noise -94dBc @ 6.8GHz @ 10KHz offset
  • Extremely small frequency step size (10Hz)
  • Ultra-low-noise 100MHz VCXO locked to internal TCXO or external 10MHz reference
  • Internal precision high-frequency reference source
  • High power output in Ku-Band: +15dBm
  • Compact powder-coated laser-etched enclosure
  • Optional Ethernet remote operation (DHCP, local subnet)
  • Windows control software included (USB & Network enabled)
  • SCPI command aware via micro USB virtual COM port for remote control
  • Front controls and bright OLED display for stand-alone usage
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Offering significantly lower phase noise, a wider frequency range, and more robust output level control than the standard SG6000LDQ. Like the SG6000 product line, this RF generator is fully programmable via SCPI commands or the front panel interface making it more flexible than any competing product. Based on the SG6800HF low-phase-noise core, the SG24000H is aimed at phase-noise sensitive applications in X, Ku, and K-band development, testing, and converting.

SG24000HWideband low noise signal generator

  • Catalogue DS Instruments